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What we do?

Whistleblower Law

Our attorneys represent whistleblowers who uncover fraud in a multitude of industries and Government programs. Our attorneys have successfully represented whistleblowers in cases alleging Health Care fraud, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and other healthcare fraud, Government Contract fraud, such as in the construction and defense contractor industries, Pharmaceutical Industry fraud, Government Grant fraud, Securities fraud, and Tax fraud.

We utilize the whistleblower programs that best suit each particular case including the federal and state False Claims Acts, and SEC, CFTC, FIRREA, and IRS whistleblower programs, Our firm handles all stages of a whistleblower representation, including all initial preparation for filing an action and disclosing a fraud scheme to the Government, aiding the Government in its investigation, and all stages of litigation, including taking a case to trial and negotiating settlements.

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in all types of commercial litigation in both state and federal court. We handle contract disputes, real estate litigation, fraud, and professional liability. We handle litigation in all stages through trial, as well as negotiate settlements and handle mediations.

Employment Law

We handle a variety of employment disputes, including those involving whistleblower retaliation. Our attorneys analyze each case individually to determine the appropriate plan of action, including everything from negotiation of severance packages to litigation.

Civil Rights

We represent individuals who suffer from civil rights violations including violations of disability law and handle 1983 actions.